Wherever possible, our aim is to achieve the highest level of recycling across all battery types. However, to ensure that we attain the highest standards and conform to every tighter legislation regarding hazardous waste and materials, it’s essential that we sort through your spent battery stockpile to identify key metals and substances.

This is an exacting process requiring specialist expertise and technology, which is why our service is designed to make this technically demanding area of our work as smooth, efficient and cost effective as possible.

As each battery chemistry tends to require a different recycling process, all waste batteries must be accurately sorted to avoid cross-contamination down-stream at the recycling plant.

GMP Bairds’ headquarters carries EA approval as an Authorised Battery Treatment Operator (ABTO) as required under the 2009 Battery Regulations.

The site also is a licensed treatment and waste transfer station as required under the EA permitting regulations.

At this site all collected batteries are correctly identified, sorted and consolidated until an economical load has been accumulated. Then they are sent to the appropriate recycling site.